Plan for the Future with UHC Successor Agent Program

Good news for you as you plan for the future! UnitedHealthcare is launching a Successor Agent program; starting August 1, 2016, if you qualify, you will have the option to transfer your book of business to another agent. Keep reading for details!

Definition of Successor Agent
A Successor Agent is defined as a qualified  agent who will service the members in the book of business being transferred to him or her, in exchange for renewal commissions for the UnitedHealthcare members in that book of business.

When does a Successor Agent agreement make sense?

  • Exiting the business (e.g., retirement or illness). You can transfer your book of business to another qualified agent who agrees to service the members in exchange for renewal commissions for that book of business.
  • Death of an agent. UnitedHealthcare will allow a qualified Successor Agent to take over a book of business when we are notified within 30 days of an agent’s death and the agreement is completed within 90 days of the death.

What do you need to do?
The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is coming up fast. You don’t need to do anything right now unless you are planning to exit the business and want to explore whether it makes sense to enter into a Successor agreement now.

This email is simply to notify you of the policy change. If something unfortunate should happen between now and when you decide to make a change, the change will allow your estate to work with UnitedHealthcare to identify an eligible successor agent for your book of business after death.

Specially trained Producer Help Desk (PHD) staff can walk you through the program and provide a Successor Agent interest form if your situation fits the criteria. Please note: While PHD can provide the Successor Agent interest form to start the process, UnitedHealthcare Oversight must approve all final Successor Agent requests for eligibility.

When considering your long term planning options for maintenance of your business, review the Successor Agent policy as it may be an appropriate option for you. If you contracted with UnitedHealthcare as an individual rather than as a corporation, we suggest that you discuss incorporating your business with your legal and financial representative to explore whether a Successor Agent agreement makes sense for you. If you are incorporated already and have past individual business, we can help you maintain the business you wrote as an individual by enacting a Successor agreement to move that business to your own corporation. Contact the Successor Agent hotline at 888-240-9165 to discuss the Successor Agent program.

Just a reminder, you should always consult with your legal and financial representatives before making a change, but we will be here to help when you are ready to execute your plan.

Contact the Successor Agent hotline at 888-240-9165 with questions.