Aetna’s New Transfer Release Policy

New transfer release policy takes effect June 18

This month, we’re launching a new streamlined policy for transfer release that makes it easier and faster for agents and agencies to change their upline.

We’ve revised the Transfer Release form too. The new version, called the Notice of Intent/Transfer Release form, can be used as a “notice of intent” to transfer to a new upline; and to initiate a transfer release. As in past years, transfers will not be permitted from October 1 - December 31.

Here’s an overview of the new transfer release policy:

  1. New agents/agencies must remain in their current hierarchy for at least 3 months prior to being allowed to change.
  2. Agents/agencies must have no production in the last three months prior to being allowed to change.
  3. Agent/agencies may submit a signed Notice of Intent/Transfer Release document to be released from their current hierarchy if they have not met the previous two requirements. Next, they can submit new contracting in Nomoreforms using the package code of the new upline.
  4. NEW notice of intent option: If agents/agencies cannot obtain a transfer release from their upline, they can submit contracting in Nomoreforms with the new upline’s package code and attach the Notice of Intent/Transfer Release form with their submission. The agent/agency will be transferred to the new upline after a 3-month interim period. If this option is chosen:
    • Agents/agencies must remain under their new recruiter for a minimum of one year.
    • Agents/agencies may only transfer at their current level. After three months with the new recruiter, they will be eligible to change levels provided there is room to move upward and they meet the appropriate criteria.
    • All downline agents will move with agencies that request a transfer. However, after the move has been completed, those downline agents are not required to stay under the new hierarchy for one year; Instead, they may request release or submit their own notice of intent to transfer .
  5. The notice of intent option cannot be used to move from NDP to Direct to Market.

This new transfer release policy, while empowering agents and agencies, also offers you a unique opportunity to demonstrate the support and value you provide to your downlines.

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